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University of Toronto Super Friends
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28th-May-2009 12:03 am - Gettin' rid of STUFF! (for cheap!)
Hi everybody! I'm in the middle of 'Spring Cleaning,' and I'm selling a bunch of random stuff for CHEAP. I'm just starting to post stuff, still working on photographing everything. So I will be back with more stuff! And everything that doesn't get sold, will be going to the Salvation Army.

All measurements are approximate. I tried my best to measure them accurately! But with some pieces it's more difficult.

To be honest, 95% of the items here, I've never worn before. They have been washed. I'm kinda anal like that, whenever I buy something new, I have to wash it before it goes into my closet. So don't worry, it's all clean and managed well.

W - Width
L - Length/Height
S - Sleeve
ST - Strap length (from one end to another)
D - Depth

click here to view all itemsCollapse )

Please reply to this comment or contact me at miss.supergirl [at] gmail [dot] com!

Please specify which item and where/when you want to meet!

Thank you very much!
26th-Mar-2009 12:28 pm - Internet Art Piece
So I've been taking a web-based art course this semester. Everything I've seen and done has ranged from interesting to really, really weird.
For my last assignment I'm collecting video diary or "vlog" entries by people about their first experiences on the internet. So if anyone would like to participate that would help a whole lot.
The website is here;
Internet Video Diary Project

13th-Jul-2008 05:02 pm - Dreaded time
I'm going into second year and have yet to accept my Posts (they are likely to be a combination of biochem, psych, human bio). I am not sure which of the second year organic chemistry courses to take (CHM247 or CHM249). The previous lecturer for CHM249 received 96% and 82% retake percents in the last 2 years. I know that CHM249 is more vigorous in lab work; however, it is also a close-knit group taught by a very organized prof and students are able to complete much more interesting labs than CHM247. Unfortunately, the prof for next year is different! Can anyone please provide some insight into the NEW prof for CHM249 next year who is Mark Lautens? I have heard from his TAs that he is a nice person, but anyone know anything about his teaching style, etc?
Like others have said, a new prof can kill a course. I am not AMAZING at orgo nor am I a failure at it. I received a pretty decent grade in CHM138 (ahem, 139 was a disaster).
Dilemma! I pick courses on the 21st!
PS. Why do they shut down BIOME during one of the most important periods of the year (aka picking courses and avoiding crappy profs)?
4th-Nov-2007 05:51 pm - Lit Group: First Meeting Tomorrow!
Just a reminder about the first Lit Group meet up, which is going on TOMORROW at 8pm by the main lobby couches at Victoria College.

All students welcome, bring something to share, or just come and listen!

(For those of you who doesn't know what this is about, I refer you to this: http://community.livejournal.com/utoronto/1822500.html )

Hope to see some new faces!
13th-Oct-2007 01:17 am - !!! Tickets, $11single/$20pair
two Chk Chk Chk tickets for sale for the Monday [Oct 15th] show at the Opera House. $11 bucks each / $20 for the pair. [reg. 16.50]

email matt -period- carland -at- gmail -period- com or comment if interested. i'll meet up with you pretty much anywhere towntown.
28th-Jul-2007 08:12 am - So what-cha taking this year?
SLA339 Twilight of an Empire
SLA108 Elem. Ukrainian
SLA330 Old Church Slavonic
FAH331 Netherlandish Art
FAH351 Art and Theory

SLA108 Elem. Ukrainian cont.
SLA330 Old Church Slavonic cont.
FAH348 Dada and Surrealism
FAH347 Cubism
FAH461 East Asian Art as a Cultural System

& ps. to the mods --> maybe you should make some sort of banner and advertize in the other UToronto lj communities to pick up the incomming 1st years. & wasn't I supposed to teach one of you to knit, like a YEAR ago?? you around this summer?
30th-May-2007 07:01 pm - Dead??
lip ring

what has happened to this community?  WHERE is everyone??? HeLLOOOO??? How is everyone's summer going?
14th-Mar-2007 04:33 pm - Bahen?
does anybody ever sit in Bahen? the lack or respect there is disgusting. People are playing their music really loud and singing very badly along with it. Some of us are actually trying to study.
8th-Mar-2007 12:22 am(no subject)
I'm not coming back to U of T next year, so I know I definately will not need most of my textbooks. Some I'm going to keep just because they were interesting, but others I know I will never crack open again.

So what I'm asking is if there is a place I can sell my textbooks? I'm guessing I can't sell them back to the bookstore, but is there anywhere else? I could really use the cash :P

Thanks in advance!
16th-Feb-2007 01:29 pm - UofT Students Wanted
Uftstudents.ca is an online forum for new and seasoned
University Of Toronto students. Maintained by and for
students, the site offers free homework and course
support, online discussions on topics ranging from
financial aid to discussions on news and current
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